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Aslan Gavrilov
Aslan Gavrilov

Buy A Keg Of Bud Light ((FREE))

I buy Busch light 30 packs at my local Walmart for $17.95. That is up from the $12.95 I paid just a few years ago. Currently, a 1/2 keg of Busch light, which is a little harder to find in my area, is going for $116 and holds 156, 12 ounces servings. At the Walmart price of $17.95 + tax price, that comes to approx. $91, for 150, 12 ounce cans. $25 less then the keg, and do not forget the $30 dollar deposit fee for the empty keg if not returned, the kegorator cost, or large bucket of ice and the cost of a tap. Factor in how fast you will drink it, and how long it will stay fresh, and for now, cans win over kegs.

buy a keg of bud light

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Bud Light is known for its light, crisp flavor. It has a mild hop aroma and a hint of sweetness from the rice used in brewing. Its light taste makes it an easy to drink beer that pairs well with almost any food or occasion. Additionally, its low ABV ensures you can enjoy multiple servings without getting too heavily intoxicated. 041b061a72

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