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Right There

"Right There" is a song recorded by American singer Ariana Grande featuring rapper Big Sean. It was written by Grande, Harmony Samuels, H. "Carmen Reece" Culver, J. "Lonny" Bereal, James "J-Doe" Smith, Al Sherrod Lambert, Jeff Lorber and Sean. It features a prominent sample of the jazz instrumental song "Rain Dance" (1979) by The Jeff Lorber Fusion. The song is a throwback to R&B music of the 1990s, a sonority that predominates the production of Yours Truly and the first single "The Way", which Grande considered "Right There" as a sequel to, that uses heavy programmed snare drums, snaps and synthesizers as complement of its sound. In the lyrics, Grande expresses her passion to her love interest affirming that she will always be there for him, with Sean responding to her affirmation while using several double entendres in a more sexual perspective.

Right There

"Right There" was written by Ariana Grande, Harmony Samuels, H. "Carmen Reece" Culver,J. "Lonny" Bereal, James "J-Doe" Smith, Al Sherrod Lambert, Jeff Lorber and Big Sean. Grande recorded her lines at the London Bridge's Studios in Los Angeles, California, while Sean's verse was recorded at Studios de la Reine in Paris, France. "Right There" samples the 1979 jazz instrumental song "Rain Dance" by The Jeff Lorber Fusion; it is the same sample that was used for the 1997 Lil' Kim song "Crush on You". Grande has referred to "Right There" as "sort of a sequel" to her first top-ten single "The Way" due to the songs' similarities in melody and composition. The singer spoke of the mutual interest she and rapper Big Sean felt in wanting to collaborate but mentioned that it took some time for them to find the right song. She said, "We were talking about a few other songs together but it just never worked out and it never was the right moment and then finally 'Right There' came along. And we were like 'Oh this is it'."[1]

Its lyrics find Grande affirming that she will always being there for her love interest. Sean agree, reaffirming that he will be there for her too as Lucas Villa from AXS perceived.[7] However, some critics noted sexual suggestions in Sean's verses. Entertainment Weekly's Nick Catucci commented that the rapper "slyly acknowledges Grande's chaste image in the song, crediting the "missionary" position for his player status." Catucci noted Grande's innocence "isn't sacred, but the fact that she wears it as lightly as she does may be a small miracle."[8] Jason Lipshutz from Billboard wrote that while Sean "boasts about his sexual prowess," Grande flaunts her typically "impressive melismas before ratcheting up the emotion for the finale."[9]

[Big Sean and I] were friends for a while. We always talked about making music together at some point and we were always looking for the right song but we couldn't really find it. Then "Right There" came along and I was like, "I found it", and he threw his voice on it and he killed it. It's amazing.

According to Todorovic, it was fitting for Big Sean to play the role of the narrator of the story and the priest in the Romeo and Juliet tale, especially "because of the religious imagery in his lyrics". He also explained the decision to put Big Sean's apparition as a priest, by stating: "And the moment he got in that throne, I was like 'Yes! This is perfect.' He got so comfortable, kicked his leg up, and I was like 'Stay there, yes, let's roll. If Kanye West is Yeezus, then Big Sean sure as hell makes a great priest!"[26]

The video begins with a rapid introduction with various different scenes that are going to appear later in the music video. A red screen is shown as the rapper Big Sean opens his Bible. Grande is then seen on a frilly Victorian bed with a pink-colored dress and a hand fan while her character (Juliet) is introduced through subtitles in the left side of the video.[13] Scenes of the masquerade party are rapidly shown, Schwarzenegger and Sean are also presented as their respective characters ("Romeo" and "the Priest"). Sean removes his vestment and starts singing his verse sitting in a throne while Grande is shown doing her make-up and fixing her hair in front of a mirror accompanied by two female friends. Schwarzenegger is shown cruising with his friends with whom he plays with by using plastic guns. As the song progresses, Grande walks down own the long stairs of the mansion to where the party is taking place. Once there, she appears performing a sultry choreography using her hand fan among with the guests of the glamorous event. They are all wearing elegant, gala costumes and mascaras.[25]

Schwarzenegger arrives at the mansion with his friends. They jump over the gate as if it was closed and they appear to be late. He enters the masqueraded event and immediately finds Grande who admires him by smiling into his face. As she tries to approach him, some guests block her vision and when she looks again, he is no longer there. This is followed by a scene in which the couple meets again outside the noisy floor, Grande is now singing in a balcony while her partner is gently watching and smiling at her. Sean is shown again sitting in a throne performing his second verse, his part is intercepted with scenes of the people dancing in the party. As the last chorus is heard, the couple and all the guests from the party venture into a massive swimming pool for a late-night make-out session. Grande and her partner appeared kissing each other over while synchronized swimmers perform in the pool. The video ends with Sean closing the same bible that also introduced the video.[27]

We are Right There for people in local communities across Scotland. Our amazing teams work closely with people of all ages to provide the right support at the right time, giving them the confidence to make their own way in life.

In June, Scherzinger began promoting "Right There" in the UK, by appearing on series five of Britain's Got Talent to perform the single. She wore a "Grecian-Goddess-meets-flamenco-dancer minidress with feathered skirt, teamed with glittery black ankle boots".[54] Her performance was negatively criticized by musician Mike Stock, who described it as "overtly sexual".[55] Later the same week, on June 10, 2011, Scherziner performed it again on The Graham Norton Show.[56] On June 11, 2011, she appeared at Capital FM's Summertime Ball, performing "Poison", "Don't Hold Your Breath", "Don't Cha", and "Right There".[57] Scherzinger further promoted her single in US, first performing it on July 13 at the Universal CityWalk and then on July 14 on the eighth season of So You Think You Can Dance.[58] An editor from Rap-Up magazine described the whole performance: "Dressed in a midriff-baring top, short shorts, and a sheer white blouse, the 'X Factor' judge whipped her ponytail as she commanded the stage with her troupe of dancers".[59]

friday vibez @SleepyTom. vocals by priscilla reneaget diplo swagwebstore - (free prime shipping) - & download be right there - diplowebsite - www.diplo.comfacebook - - - on tour -

"Right There, Ride On" is a music track from Sonic Rush, and plays during the first zone, Leaf Storm. As with the other stage tracks in Sonic Rush, there are two versions of "Right There, Ride On", the mix played in Sonic's Acts and the "Blazy Mix" played in Blaze's Acts. It can also be unlocked in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Nintendo DS version), Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Sonic Generations, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The song features a blues rock style.

"I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of interposition and nullification; one day right there in Alabama, little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers," said King.

Ariana has referred to "Right There" as "sort of a sequel" to her first hit single "The Way" due to the songs' similarities in melody and composition. The singer spoke of the mutual interest she and rapper Big Sean felt in wanting to collaborate but mentioned that it took some time for them to find the right song. She said, "We were talking about a few other songs together but it just never worked out and it never was the right moment and then finally 'Right There' came along. And we were like 'Oh this is it'."

Sean then half-rapped his verse, "OK, this, this, this for my number one girl who got the top spot title/ Spent an hour in the bathroom walked out looking like a model." Grande later appears singing: "Boy you make me feel lucky/ Finally the stars align/ Never has it been so easy, tell me you love/ And to give you this heart of mine." During the song, Grande sings about always being there for her love interest.

Anyone who has watched much of Doherty at Tottenham has seen a potentially good player who often looks to have gone into his shell. It might have been easier, or safer, for Doherty to play a simple pass to Son Heung-min to his right or even Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg to his left. Instead, he took the riskier but potentially more rewarding option.

When it was still only 2-0, he was the man driving a counter-attack down the middle of the pitch, playing in Son, who should have beaten Jordan Pickford but did not. Or, even after that, there was the moment when Spurs broke down the left, the ball fell to Doherty, who skipped past Jonjoe Kenny then shot straight at Pickford.

Spurs wanted Traore was because Emerson did not have the quality to hurt teams from wing-back. Opponents had learned they could just let the Brazilian have the ball and head the cross away. Conte soon realised that the solution to his right wing-back problem was staring him in the face all along. 041b061a72

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