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La Luna (Latin Mix)

"Brilha la Luna" was written and produced by Rick Bonadio, being a mix of dance-pop and zouk that is heavily influenced by Latin music. Has verses in Spanish (mira que bella), and even Portuñol/Portunhol (una bela luna siempre vai brilhar) (a beautiful moon will always shine).[3] The membrer Luciana Andrade sings lead on the verses and bridge with the other members singing only the high harmony on the pre-chorus and second chorus. The song begins with all the girls singing, "Quero uma noite pra bailar o zouk, Um grande amor e um belo luar..." (I want a night to dance the zouk, A great love and a beautiful moonlight ...). In the pre-chorus, Luciana sings, "Quero tanto estar contigo só mais uma vez, E poder bailar o zouk como a primeira vez." (I want so much to be with you just one more time), and to be able to dance zouk like the first time." In the chorus, they all sing, "Brilha la luna, oh, oh, oh, Mira que bela Brilha la luna, oh, oh, oh Una bela luna siempre vai brilhar." (The moon shines, oh, oh, oh, Look how beautiful the moon shines, oh, oh, oh A beautiful moon will always shine). In the bridge of the song, the girls sing, "Hala ban hala ban hala bin bin bun ban Hala hala ban hala bin hala bun."[3]

La Luna (Latin Mix)


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