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Back 2 The Groove

It must be slightly frustrating to be Groove Armada. With the Fatboy Slim remix of "I See You Baby" slowly becoming Groove Armada's unrepresentative single that everybody seems to know, this personal installment into the Back to Mine mix series is where the heart of the band beats the most. No, this mix album is not a quick-draw of all sorts of proto-stupid, club-friendly gunplay to make people shake that ass. Instead it's an opportunity to help once again show people that the band is more about putting their firearms on the nightstand, resting one's behind on a comfy couch, and putting on some slow, amorous grooves. For starters, choosing songs like their great rhythmic romantic take on A Tribe Called Quest's "Description of a Fool" or the effective beats of Tony D can do nothing but help. Really, how many other bands would later holster Al Green right next to Roots Manuva? About mid-way through, though, it does delve into some seriously trite slap-jazz. These excursions (think BBG and Sir Raymond Mang) show just how dangerous it can be for musicians in the trip-hop realm to veer perilously close to Kenny G instead of Tricky. Regardless, Back to Mine is generally a mix that traces around an interesting idea: maybe the more trip-hop stylings of musicians have more in common with, say, Barry White than Brian Eno? That might not be so wrong. Because if the mainstream world considers Groove Armada to be the type of musicians to get to watch somebody wobble their buttocks, their actual mentality is more about the music to play after you get that person to go home with you. It wouldn't be so bad if more pacifists like Groove Armada were sheriffs from time to time.

Back 2 The Groove

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The kneecap is part of the skeletal system. Connective tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) in the front of the thighbone (femur) go over the kneecap and connect to the shinbone (tibia). These muscles pull the kneecap up through the trochlear groove when you straighten your leg and down the groove when you bend it. When the kneecap is unstable, it moves outside of this groove.

When your kneecap slips out of the trochlear groove, your knee may buckle. Your knee and leg may not be able to support your weight or keep you standing upright. You may not be able to straighten the knee or walk.

Even if your kneecap moves back into place on its own, you should see your healthcare provider for a diagnosis and potential treatment. Your provider will perform a physical exam to assess symptoms, including your range of motion.

Physical therapy exercises can strengthen muscles and connective tissue that keep the kneecap in the femoral groove. Cycling on an exercise bike or outside on an actual bike is also a good knee strengthener. Your provider may also recommend wearing a knee brace during certain activities.

The Groove Pillow removes this strain by providing full support to your head, neck and back. Thousands of our customers have experienced relief for neck pain, shoulder pain, and pain between the shoulder blades.

No matter what the reason for your diminished desire, getting back on track with your partner sexually is going to take some effort. "Sex takes work, and you have to focus on it just like everything in your relationship," Horowitz says. "There isn't a magic pill."

Conrad knew he had Logan by the curlies by dangling his new deal in front of him. It was no way Logan could say no even if he wanted. With Conrad back, now they can focus on kicking Red Rock and all of its jerks out of there.

They have too many patients and not enough beds, so the surgical patients are a top priority. E.R patients are not. However, by kicking patients like Riley back to the ER or blocking them, it was too easy for them to fall through the cracks.

If buzzer-beaters and comebacks are more your style, then Florida State by golly delivered big on both fronts. FSU dug out of a 25-point deficit (!) to stun No. 13 Miami 85-84 marking the largest comeback in ACC history. Matthew Cleveland punctuated the come-from-behind win in style with a jumper at the buzzer.

Remember when Kentucky was 10-6 overall and 1-3 in SEC play and UK fans wanted John Calipari gone? That feels like a loooooonng time ago now. Kentucky still hasn't quite reached top-five levels like its preseason ranking suggested it could, but the Wildcats are rounding into form and playing their best basketball as the postseason looms with their 86-54 drubbing of Auburn giving them their fourth consecutive win dating back to two weeks ago.

The Wildcats (15-14, 9-9 Big East) are nowhere near the NCAA Tournament bubble but have won five of their last six. With back-to-back wins over Xavier and the Bluejays, this team suddenly looks like the type of team you don't want to face in the league tournament. While the return of veteran guard Justin Moore from an Achilles injury has helped first-year coach Kyle Neptune get Villanova headed in the right direction over the last few weeks, Saturday's hero was Eric Dixon. The 6-foot-8 bruiser set a new career-high by seven points by dropping 31 on 6-of-8 shooting from beyond the arc. Dixon hit more 3-pointers by himself than Creighton did as a team.

Iowa's miraculous comeback win over Michigan State in which it dug out of a double-digit deficit with just over a minute left to win 112-106 in overtime was nearly overshadowed in absurdity by the antics of Hawkeyes coach Fran McCaffery. McCaffery was hit with a technical with two minutes left in regulation for arguing with a foul call, and with just over 90 seconds left in regulation and his team seemingly out of it, he made the official who blew the whistle on him know how he felt by going full Heisenberg in a truly bizarre and awkward staredown. The only commentary missing here is McCaffery demanding the official say his name.

The stakes were high for Saturday's game between Furman and Samford as Samford could claim an outright league title and the No. 1 seed for the Southern Conference Tournament with a win. But the Paladins spoiled those plans, stole a share of the league crown and took the No. 1 seed for themselves with a 93-79 road win. Furman has consistently been among the SoCon's best squads under sixth-year coach Bob Richey and has yet another golden opportunity to snap an NCAA Tournament drought that stretches all the way back to 1980.

Duke quietly continues to improve at the right time as the Blue Devils knocked off Virginia Tech 81-65 for their fourth straight win on Saturday. Now 21-8 (12-6 ACC), Duke has won seven of its past nine games and is getting substantive contributions from several freshmen, four of whom reached double digits against the Hokies. First-year coach Jon Scheyer's squad is not ranked, projected as a No. 6 seed for the NCAA Tournament and still has work to do in order to secure a double-bye for the ACC Tournament. But this squad is loaded with talent, and that talent appears to be finding its way. With junior guard Jeremy Roach quarterbacking the young rotation -- he led all scorers with 19 against Virginia Tech -- the Blue Devils are rounding into form.

's get placed here -->XReplies jharveyb May 31, 2022 02:27pm #1My default size for frame and panel construction with "normal" size panels (up to about 15" wide) is 3/8" deep grooves, with the panels 1/4" in the groove, leaving a 1/8" gap at each side. End gaps can be much tighter; I typically only leave 1/16" unless the panel is very long. I use a 23 gauge pinner to secure the panel in the center of its space, pinning thru the groove area of the frame into the panel. This means that the panel's shrinkage will be split between the two sides. The deeper you make the groove in thin (5/8") stock, the more leverage there is to break the 3/16" thick wood on each side of the groove. It's possible CB makes his grooves 1/2" deep because that is a common size for 1/4" groove router cutters. I limit the depth with a fence. I use a 2 wing cutter. If I want a clean edge for the groove, I make my first pass only about 1/16" deep; there is less chip-out along the edge of the groove with that shallow cut, and then I cut deeper with a second cut.

That's similar to what I do. I haven't used the router table for making the grooves though. I use a couple 8" Forrest table saw blades made for making 1/4" finger or box joints that work well for making 1/4" grooves.

Hmmm, could be. The tenons on the muntins are only as long as the groove, 1/2". The bottom rail and mid-rail have through tenons into the stiles on the sides and the top rail connects with a bridal joints. He may have set up 1/2" groove for the muntin and then just used the same set up for putting the grooves in all the other parts.

As far as cherry for the back, you're right. I didn't buy any additional wood for the back. It's made up of all the leftover cherry scraps, some with defects or sapwood, from this and previous projects I had laying around for some "future" project. My wood racks are full right now. I don't mind using it up for this purpose even if it's a bit over the top and not traditional.

When Lester builds a drag racer, Cleveland nominates himself to be the driver. Despite Lester's objections, Tim and Holt back Cleveland. Disgusted with Cleveland's bragging at The Broken Stool, Lester challenges Cleveland that he could strike him out, although it's later revealed that Lester is incapable of throwing a baseball. At the strikeout challenge, Kendra becomes angered at everyone teasing Lester and reminds him of how he used to throw rocks at skunks. Pretending that Kendra's catcher's mitt is a skunk, Lester strikes out Cleveland and supplants him as a hero in the eyes of the guys.

Depressed, Cleveland tries to find a new group of friends without luck. After his confidence is shattered, Cleveland spends several days in bed until Cleveland vows to find his mojo again, and decides that a family vacation to Africa will do the trick. While on a layover in Hawaii en route, Cleveland gets derailed by mai tais, the ocean and plenty of sunshine, and realizes a few days in paradise is actually what he needs. However, to keep him from being disappointed they tell Rallo that they are in Africa and go to elaborate means to pretend that are indeed in Africa. On their return to Stoolbend, they find that the neighborhood has been turned upside down in Cleveland's absence and he is welcomed back with open arms. But at Rallo's school presentation, they find he has documented their trip to "Africa" and quickly leave in embarrassment. 041b061a72

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