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How Prime Time 3 Workbook Answer Can Help You Ace Your English Course

Upstream of the coding region of a gene, at the 5-prime end, there is the minimal promoter. Theminimal promoter contains a sequence of DNA that binds to the RNA polymerase and a sequence ofDNA that binds to the general transcription factors. For many genes, this sequence of DNA that binds togeneral transcription factors is called TATA box. It is not always a TATA box, sometimes it is a differentsequence. So, these sequences that proteins are expressed in every cell to the body bind to when thesequence is available, the general transcription factors will bind to it. Once they bind to the TATA boxthey will attract/recruit RNA polymerase to that site and unless there are blockages then RNApolymerase will progress and transcribe the gene. In addition to the general promoter, most genes alsohave specific regions that facilitate or hinder transcription. This other region could be awfully close tothe general promoter or they can be distant and are bound by proteins that regulate transcription whichin turn interact directly or indirectly via a scaffold/mediator protein. They all interact with the RNApolymerase with the general transcription factors and put up this huge transcription complex whicheffectively regulates- some could be repressors some could be activators. The more transcriptionalregulators that are present the more finely tuned the regulation of the gene expression is. Each one ofthese transcription regulators are not just involved in the regulation of one gene, but of many genes. Incomplex organisms have evolved a lot of regulators because the more we have the more than can becombined in different ways to give a whole host of different flavors. The possibilities become countlessleading to the diversity of cell types throughout the body.

prime time 3 workbook answer

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