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Windows XP-SP3 Corporate Version FRENCH ##HOT##

Unfortunately there is no way you can change the language of the OS. This is also the case with windows mobile devices. Try finding a friend that may have an English version and use your CD key to activate it.

Windows XP-SP3 Corporate Version FRENCH

I found this on another forum... you can actually redirect to the French windowsupdate site, which seems to be working fine and allows you to get your updates. I'm trying this out right now... so far so good. I just hope it doesn't install a french version of these updates. :)

This is probably from my post : ... i'm living in Belgium ( french side country) but i use a MUI ( multi-language) version of XP Pro and i don't have any trouble with mistaken updates ... so don't worry about that.

Well, i've been looking and googling for about 2 hrs and finally got the right thing in google and found this thread. I read the info, then googled the update file and found that it had been updated. The link shows"windowsupdateagent20-x86.exe However, when I googled the update file by itself, it had been updated to windowsupdateagent30. The complete link for the windowsupdateagent page if you need a different version of the file is:

gPhotoShow is a photo slideshow screen saver for Windows. It runs on all versions of windows starting from Windows 2000 to Windows 10. gPhotoShow is the freeware version of gPhotoShow Pro. It inherits the basic key features of its commercial brother, it's light and easy to use, in few minutes you can create your personal screen saver, complete with transition effects. gPhotoShow is ideal for displaying your photos collection or to create a corporate screen saver for your Company.

I found version 9.2.1 of the UpdateGenerator is the last version to support windows xp. However after running it several times. I then check it with windows update online and it shows 15 or so updates that need to be installed. Have you run into this?

The windows update cab a.k.a also has errors now too in which some office updates have 3 versions of a file being offered and regardless of choice the newest is not installed, nor is that on the cat site.

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